The Nike T1 Flow Swoosh Water Bottle from

Whether you are a sports enthusiast, you go to the gym regularly, or you are just the kind of person who likes accessorizing, there is a wide range of athletic accessories on that you can consider buying. The sports accessories that are available on this online store are endless. They include the best footwear, apparel and accessories from the biggest designer labels around.

One of the favorite accessories that I have ever purchased from Finish Line and has been serving me well is the Nike T1 Flow Swoosh Water Bottle. If you go to the gym very often or if you like running, this bottle will come in handy. Read on for more details on it.

What Are The Features Of The Nike T1 Flow Swoosh Water Bottle?

This bottle is a perfect size for daily use whether you are carrying it to the gym or office. It features a molded Tritan construction that makes it very durable and resistant to impact. You will use it for very long without ever thinking of purchasing another water bottle again. Cleaning it is absolutely easy because it is dishwasher safe, and it also very easy to disassemble and reassemble. 

The Nike T1 Flow Swoosh Water Bottle is equipped with a 90 degree SwitchFlow spout that allows fast and easy flow of water. Its simple design and grip groove makes it very easy to hold and carry around. It also gives you quick hydration before, during as well as after your training or workout. 

How much Does This Bottle Cost?

You can get the Nike T1 Flow Swoosh Water Bottle for as low as $14 on or you can get it from Fitness Magazine for $14.95. It has everything that you would ever want in a water bottle if you are a sports person. You can carry it in your hand or bag and it will not spill or open. It has been designed to withstand some serous wear and tear, so you can be sure of getting value for your money when you buy it. 

What Makes The Nike T1 Flow Swoosh Water Bottle So Outstanding?

This is a stylish performance water bottle that you will not regret spending a dime on. It is not only suitable for athletic use, but also for regular use, for instance for a person who wants to remain hydrated while in the office. It will save you the hassle of ever having to get stuck at the vending machine when trying to buy water because you can easily and conveniently carry it with you anywhere.

Is This Water Bottle On Sale At Finish Line?

The Nike T1 Flow Swoosh Water Bottle is not currently on sale at Finish Line, but it is going at a very friendly price that you will not get it for at most high end department stores or other online stores. But you can still be checking the site more often since there are always new products that are going on sale every new day. You might get lucky. 

How Does The Nike T1 Flow Swoosh Water Bottle Compare To Other Similar Items?

This water bottle offers outstanding performance compared to other similar items in the market due to the amazing features it is equipped with. It can be easily tossed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning and it is very durable because of the sturdy material it is made of. 

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