Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 Review

The Mizuno Wave inspire shoe aims at providing smooth ride and support. It has been around for over two decades now and remains dedicated to offering a light, stable as well as quick ride that most athletes can enjoy. Mizuno Wave Inspire 11, the eleventh edition, enters the market with a newly refined upper and a carryover mid-sole.

First impression

Along with its cousin the Mizuno Wave Rider (neutral shoe), Mizuno 11 continues to boast of both function and form. It still fills the function of core stability running shoe in the Mizuno series. It aims to deliver reasonable stability while being moderate in term of design.

It is a conservative design however, with a touch of flash. Mizuno designed the Wave 11 with a fresh upper and the same magnificent mid-sole of Inspire 10. Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 fits perfectly; it is slimmer and shallower than Wave 9.

Sole unit

The strength of Mizuno athletic sneakers is always their wave plate. Wave plate is a plastic plate that acts as a suspension system for the sneaker and offers shock dispersion, torque resistance and additional structure that other sneakers have difficult providing.

The Inspire 11 features this exact design and engineer stability into the plate through leaving holes on the side heel aspect of the sneaker while the medial area gets a two down, two up reinforced wave style that places additional rigidity under the rear and heel of the arch.

Its mid-sole material is euphoric (U41C) which made its debut on Wave 10. Wave Inspire 11 is lighter than the other AP+ foam shoes but still durable. In addition, there is a wedge of SR foam on the heel of this sneaker which reduces shock from the strike. Just like wave 10, Wave Inspire 11 features a lot of curved last than the other Wave Inspired version and features a blown rubber on its out-sole except for the heel – it uses carbon rubber.

Upper unit Clearly, all the improvement went on the upper part of this shoe. Mizuno 11 has a more traditionally designed upper. It has a thicker, sewn on medial as well as lateral Runbird logo, sewn medial arch strip and sewn eyelet row. In fact, it has just 3 welded reinforcements: two hidden underlays which connect the eyelet row with the toe box and a lateral plastic net under the logo. The rest is just a breathable medium sized oval mesh.


  • Improved upper fit
  • Improved rear foot stability
  • Light on foot


  • Price is getting high


It boasts of great improvements from the older version of Mizuno series. It is a worth every penny.