Find the Best Shoes on for your Trip to Russian North

Being a freelance nature photographer, I have had a lot of experience while working with different magazines like National Geographic and Nature. The exciting part of my job is the opportunity I get to move all around the world, visiting different countries and learning about their wildlife situations. Sometimes I even get the chance to go to the most remote areas of the world where modern civilization comes to a standstill. For such trips, I try to pack my appropriate gears and clothes so that I wouldn't face any issues. And when it comes to gears, shoes are definitely an item that I have to put some thoughts into.

Recently, I got involved in an assignment which was focused on the Russian Association of the Indigenous Peoples of the North (RAIPON). This is one of the indigenous peoples' organizations which was first founded in 1990 and it aims to protect and defend the indigenous peoples' rights in the extreme north of Russia. It also targets to develop their social, cultural, educational and economic situations, because most of these native folks do not have any idea about modern world and its infrastructure.

About 11% of the indigenous people of the Russian North is illiterate, and all of them live a very simple life that is often hardened by the harsh environment that they live in. They also suffer many of the same problems that plague indigenous people wordwide. My job was to go and take pictures of the RAIPON and the indigenous people for the cover story. And knowing the fact that I would have to spend a long time in the harsh icy land, I had decided to get myself the best boots at a very affordable price at I was also quite happy because of the Finish line coupon code that I got for a very good deal! has a new promo code each year or may be each month. You can find the latest one by searching for Finish Line coupon code 2015 or just visit Deal Catcher.

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